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It’s easier to reach your fitness goals when there is someone by your side.  As a professional Exercise Physiologist, Dayna will give you all the tips and tools to run healthy, sculpt a strong body, and believe in yourself.

Then, push you even further. Let’s get amazing results together.

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Running Gait Analysis

Want to learn how to run without getting injured?

Learn 5 key running position,

if you PASS or FAIL each one,

& how to improve those you FAIL.


Southern Utah - Youth Running and XC Programs


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All training is individually designed

to achieve your goals!

  • Velocity Kids - XC Meet
    Wed, Oct 20
    St. James Park
    We have had fun with Velocity Kids XC this fall. We are hosting the last meet of our season. 1 mile & 2 mile cross country race for 1st-8th grade kids

What's it is like

Dayna! You were an amazing coach! You made the training sessions fun and took a genuine interest in each person you worked with. Mentioning previous runs or future goals we all had. I looked forward to every session because I always learned something beneficial. I’ve kept all of the training workouts and still use them regularly. The progress I saw in my form was incredible! I compare the before pictures/stats to my after ones and am so grateful for all of your help in getting to that point! Thank you so much for everything you’ve helped me with in achieving my running goals.”

 - Tyler Carney (Distance athlete)


Dayna Player Robinson
Dayna PR),

Knowledge. Commitment. Excellence.

As a professional Exercise Physiologist based in the Southern Utah area.  Since 2000, I have been working with athletes to reach their greatness. Whether you’re completely new at this or a long time professional, we’ll work together to provide a fun and challenging fitness experience that’ll keep you engaged, motivated, and in tip-top shape all-year-round.

Through the years, I have developed my own unique training methods, my mission is to offer an unparalleled fitness and sports performance experience aimed at seamlessly syncing the body and mind. 

I have earned a Master's Degree in Sports Conditioning & Performance. I am a certificated through American College of Sport Medicine as an Exercise Physiologist.  I am a certified Learn 2 Run Coach, as well as RunDNA certified Gait Analyst.

Specialize in: Running Gait Training, Endurance Training, Speed & Agility Training, Sports Performance, Return-to-Sports post injury/surgery training, Youth training, & Weight Loss with Fitness. 

I would love to help you achieve your fitness goals. *PR*


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