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Injury Assessment for Runners

Running injury free requires strength!

The single leg squat is a quick easy assessment that can show imbalance that may need to be addressed to keep you running injury free.

Do this quick assessment and see how you do.

Single Leg Squat assessment:

Does your knee come in?

Do your hips stay level?

Do your shoulder shifts, or stay centered?

Do you stay balanced?

Did your ankles stay strong?


Runners often have weaknesses or muscular imbalances that can result in inefficient running form and/or injury.

These self assessment tests, will help you to identify the areas that need the most work.

Do the assessment.

Use our form, to track your personal results.

Use the results to help you know what you need to work on most to stay/get running injury free.


Did not pass with flagging colors?

Do not be discouraged if some are a struggle!!

Time to start our strength program - Running Strong!


Want more help?

Get your FREE Strength Assessment here!


Join our online 12-week strength program here!

I'll be posting more ideas this week on my IG & FB accounts

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