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Get Running!

Yeah, that sounds good! . . .  BUT you don't know where to start! 

You want to start running! . . .  BUT you really don't want to get injured!

Get Running was made for you!!


You see people running,

everywhere, all the time!


You have friends who run & want you to run with them.


You want to get in shape and know running can help you!


You don't have much time. You want a clear plan that is easy to do.

Just $29

Sportswear Fashion


We are your accountability buddy

 Daily Check-Ins

Each week starts with prep steps to get you 

Physically & Mentally Ready

Each of the small steps daily add up to

Achieving Big Goals

Accountability to achieve your

Healthiest Self Ever!

You can  Get Running 

9 weeks - 3 times a week

30 minutes each session

All on-line at your pace

Easy to follow check list

Let's Go!

Now for

only $29

Tying Shoelaces

Step by Step

Don't know where to start?

Afraid you can't do it?

Dayna's 18 years of experience has led to this:

Simple Format

Easy to Follow

No Extra Thought Needed from You


Get Running  new runners say

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it!!

This speaks to me more in my life now then ever.  I have always wanted to start running and get in better shape I just didn't know how to start and was afraid I couldn't do it.  So when I saw Dayna post this program on Facebook, I knew this was my opportunity.  It has been great program and I can run longer and I have noticed change in my body.  I also knew I needed accountability to make sure I completed what was required of me in the program.  So checking in every day had been such a wonderful thing and has pushed me to complete the daily run/rest.  Thank you so much Dayna for putting this program together to help others become  better.

- LeAnne Blake

                                Being consistent with exercise 

My main goal with using the get running app was to just be consistent with an exercise program, which I have trouble maintaining. But with the Get Running program, everything was all planned out for each day and it gave me a daily reminder; which was super helpful. I think I was pretty consistent, I went from not running to running a 5K with no trouble. It has helped me exercise again and the scale seems like it's joking with me (in a good way :). Thanks for your help Dayna!

                                                                                                                            -Pibby Pierce

GIrl Running



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