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Stay Running!

Yes, you run & run often . . .  BUT you want to stay running injury free!

You want stay running  . . .  BUT you really to get your next PR!

Stay Running  healthy!!


You have been running

for a while. 


You have been running. 

You love running!


You have been running, but have this pain that just hasn't gone away!


You have ben running, but now you want to run faster!  

Next PR!

Stay Running  athletes say

Dayna! You were an amazing coach! You made the training sessions fun and took a genuine interest in each person you worked with. Mentioning previous runs or future goals we all had. I looked forward to every session because I always learned something beneficial. I’ve kept all of the training workouts and still use them regularly. The progress I saw in my form was incredible! I compare the before pictures/stats to my after ones and am so grateful for all of your help in getting to that point! Thank you so much for everything you’ve helped me with in achieving my running goals.”

- Tyler Carney (distance runner)

Working with Dayna has been a great experience . I have been running for the last 18 years and have competed, on the elite level, for many of those years. I have competed at the NCAA division 1 national championship, won conference title and won the Salt Lake City marathon in my debut. I have had the opportunity to be trained by and with olympians. With all this experience I know what quality programs look like. Dayna has been amazing to work with. Her knowledge and her ability to apply that knowledge to adapt to my individual needs has been amazing. I would highly recommend working with Dayna to anyone that is dealing with injuries or is just trying to reach a new level of performance.

- Clinton Rhoton (distance runner)

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