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St George Marathon Runners

Time to start training for
St George Marathon

with St George Running Center

Training Plans

Get your FREE
Training Plan here:

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Sign up to receive your FREE Training Plan here.
You will get a welcome email, which will include a PDF training plan for week 12-9. 
In during week 9 you will get another email with the next 4 weeks of training plan.
And then another a month out.
Be sure to check your junk mail. 


St George Marathon - St George Running Store

Training Plan

Which pace are looking a plan for?
3:05 - 7:03 m/m
3:15 - 7:27 m/m
3:35 - 8:12 m/m
4:00 - 9:09 m/m
4:15 - 9:44 m/m
4:30 - 10:18 m/m
4:45- 10:52 m/m
5:00- 11:27 m/m
Running Assessment.png

Now is also a great time to get help with you Running Form to stay injury free this running cycle.
Our Running Assessment does just that.

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