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8-week Strength Training for your Down Hill Race.

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Unlock your downhill racing potential with our specialized 8-week strength training program! This program focuses on building the muscle strength and stability you need to conquer those slopes with confidence and speed. Say goodbye to jarring impacts and hello to a smoother, faster, and injury-free downhill race. Enroll now and elevate your downhill performance! Don't strength train because you can't find the time to fit it into an already packed running schedule? ⏰ Each session is 40 minutes, but can do a 3rd set to make it a 60 minute strength session, or 1 set for 20 minutes. With countless exercises and equipment options, the world of strength training can seem overwhelming compared to the used to the simplicity of just lacing up and hitting the road. We got you! Most our lifts can be done with just body weight. Optional equipment include: mat, band, step, bench/chair, or light/medium/heavy dumbbells. First 50 runner get the Mobility add on for free! A quick 5-minute a day mobility exercises design to be done at anytime - first thing in the morning, as a warm-up to your run, or before you go to bed. Optimize your movement to relieve pain, and prevent injury. **You get to pick your start date. Be sure to notice that step when joining! I suggest starting on a Monday! Or 8-weeks out from your race. The program will adjust for your tapering, no worries!

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Snow Canyon Half '23 & ‘24

Snow Canyon Half '23 & ‘24

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