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Group workout with running coach, sports injury prevention


We keep them small & personable = space is limited & registration is required. 

Workshop Wednesday 

First Wednesday of each month - we will be doing a workshop to help you

improve your running efficiency. 

You will learn 5 key points the running efficiency and if you pass in each area.  

You will take home a few tips & ticks to help in the areas you need them most help!

running workshop gait


So you need help with your running Posture. 

If you have a "limp" or a "locked" posture - this workshop will help you in all the ways.  Running cues often work great, sometimes we need to improve some mobility issues, and other times we need to increase the strength.  

This workshop will make you a 

more efficient runner.

running posture gait

Hip Drop

Running is a single leg sport.  You move from one leg to the other, over and over again.  Tp be efficient you need to have all the those balanced.  Many muscle imbalances show up in hip drop.  This workshop will give you both running cues and strengthening exercises to improve the hip drop.

running hip drop assessment


So you Overstride.

You may even have shin splints and knee pain from it.  This workshop will give you all the tools you need to correct overstraining and become a more efficient runner.

Running cues

Mobility Exercises

Strength Exercises

running overstride assessment


Running is often called a controlled forward fall.  If you are jumping and bobbing while running.  This workshop is for you!

You will leave the class with many new tips and trick to running with less bounding and more efficient gait. 

running bounding gait


Have some IT pain or lateral knee pain?  It could be related to you cross over gait.

Learn running cues, mobility and strength exercises to improve your cross over gait and become a more efficient, less injuried runner.

running cross over assessment

Running Efficiency Workshops

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