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15 Days Happy Feet Challenge

  • 70Days
  • 21Steps
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In the United States, up to 87% of people have painful feet at some time in their lives. And 53% have experienced foot pain after exercise. Left untreated, many common foot problems can get worse, especially if you continue running while in pain. Let's first assess our feet to see where you personally currently are. Then we will continue to work on getting our feet happy with 5-minutes a day. No equipment is required. However, if you’d like to increase the intensity you may add/use a band & a small ball with some of the exercises. You get to pick your start date - BUT we think it will be fun to have a bunch of friends start and end together. So set your start date for Cyber Monday, November 28th!

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15 Days Happy Feet Challenge

15 Days Happy Feet Challenge

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