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Importance of Electrolytes

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

With this heat we have going on right now - electrolytes can play a big role in your performance!

First let's see if you have any signs of an electrolyte imbalance...

I have had many of my high school athletes talk with me about gut pains lately. Each time I asked what electrolytes they were taking, they said, "none".

So let's start with that and see how much it can help!

If you are feeling any of those, let see how Electrolytes can help.

Yep! Pretty much all of those things sound great!

Now how to get your electrolytes in? They are found in all the sports drinks, gels, etc. Or you can get tablets to add to your water.

Speaking of water! Don't forgot to get all the water in as well.

If you are an athlete training outside in the heat = you will need even more than this!!

Let me know:

How do you like your electrolytes?

How much water do you get in?

Learn more on hydration and electrolyte, with a click.

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