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Test your hip flexors range of motion & try a drill to help.

The primary hip flexors are a group of 6 muscles; the rectus femoris, TFL, iliacus, psoas, iliocapsularis, and sartorius muscles.

Rectus femoris - also one of the quad muscles

Tensor fasciae latae (TFL) - with the gluteus the TFL does wide variety of hip movements, including flexion, abduction, and internal rotation.

Iliacus - flexes and externally rotates the femur

Psoas - joins upper body to lower body

Iliocapsularis - stabilizes the hip

Sartorius - both a hip flexor and knee flexor

Hip flexors play a big role in running: longer stride length, powerful toe-off, strong knee drive.

The tests & exercises to get started:

1) Test first - Does your foot touch with wall without leaning forward or bending the knee?

2) Strength & Mobility - tuck tailbone under, squeeze glute & breathe

I'll be posting more ideas this week on my IG & FB accounts

Drop a comment below and let us know how you did!

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