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Our 15 Day Foot Challenge is live!!!

As you know I have be doing lots with the feet - our foundation which every movement is built on.

I am so pumped to finally have a 15 days Challenge up and ready for you guys! Now you get to try out some of the million things I have been researching to help you and your running!

Check here to join the 15 Day Happy Feet Challenge

With just 5 minutes a day we will assess the feet,

then work on the strength needs to have a strong landing phase,

the stability for a great stance phase,

and the mobility needed for a powerful toe off.


Some days may not be easy & it's ok to struggle!

With some time & practice

will improve and so will your confidence & your running!

Happy Feet Challenge is great for:

Big toe pain

Plantar fasciitis


Shin splints

Those who roll their ankles often

Foot, knee, & even hip pains

Join our Happy Feet Challenge here!

I'll be posting more ideas this week on my IG & FB accounts

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