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What is overstriding? How does it impact your running?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

What is overstriding?

Overstriding is when the foot lands in front of the body & the shin is angled too much forward. The wider the shin angle, the greater the distance between the body’s Center of Mass (COM) & the point of foot strike. This causes more impact on joints & muscles.

Overstriding reduces running efficiency & increases stress to the shin, knee, hip & lower back.

Common causes:

* Limited hip extension (tight hip flexors) leading to excessive to anterior pelvic tilt. This forces the runner to use overstriding as a way to get a bigger stride.

* Weak glute or hamstring muscles limites the knee drive, cuasing the runner to depend on shins to reach forward.

* "Too Tall Posture" also forces runners to reach forward by extending the shin forward. The "too tall posture" is often due to lack of strength in hip & trunk extensors.

* Runners with lower cadence often reach forward with shin & strike the ground much ahead of COM.



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