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Should you be adding Plyometric training to your training plan?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

What is Plyometric training?

Plyometric training involves high-intensity exercises that involve explosive movements such as jumping, bounding, and hopping.

This type of training can benefit distance runners by:

  1. Improving running efficiency

  2. Increasing power and speed

  3. Strengthening the lower legs

  4. Reducing injury risk

  5. Enhancing the stretch-shortening cycle

It's important for runners to incorporate plyometrics into their training program gradually and under proper supervision to avoid overuse injury.


A few of my favorite plyo drills include:

  1. Pogo hops

  2. Single leg hops

  3. Skipping

  4. Bounding

  5. Squat jumps

  6. Depth jumps

  7. Lateral bounds

  8. Skater jumps


While plyometric training can offer numerous benefits for distance runners, it can also come with certain risks if not performed properly:

  1. Overuse injury - High-impact plyometric exercises can put stress on the joints and connective tissues, leading to overuse injuries if performed excessively or without proper warm-up and recovery.

  2. Muscular imbalances - Improper form or excessive plyometric training can lead to muscle imbalances and weakness, which can affect running form and increase the risk of injury.

  3. Excessive fatigue - Plyometrics are high-intensity exercises, and overdoing them can lead to excessive fatigue and reduce the quality of subsequent training sessions.

  4. Risk of injury - Plyometrics require proper form, technique and proper progression to avoid injury, especially in runners with previous injuries or weaknesses.

Therefore, it's important to include plyometrics in a well-rounded training program, progress gradually, and seek guidance from a professional coach or trainer. Our Runner Strong program does all of those things for you!


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