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What is a sweat test? How do they compare?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

What is sweat testing?

Sweat testing for athletes is a different type of test that is used to help athletes optimize their performance during exercise. This type of test measures an athlete's sweat rate and electrolyte concentration to determine the athlete's individual sweat composition.

By analyzing an athlete's sweat composition, one can develop a personalized hydration and nutrition plan that is tailored to the athlete's specific needs. This can help prevent dehydration, maintain electrolyte balance, and improve overall athletic performance.

Athletes who engage in high-intensity or endurance exercise, particularly in hot or humid conditions, may benefit from sweat testing to help them stay properly hydrated and maintain electrolyte balance during training and competition. Sweat testing can also be useful for athletes who experience frequent muscle cramps or other symptoms related to electrolyte imbalances.

What's involved in Sweat Test? Sweat testing for athletes usually involves a brief period of exercise to stimulate sweating, followed by collection of sweat from specific areas of the body. The collected sweat is then analyzed for its sodium, potassium, and other electrolyte concentrations, as well as sweat volume and pH.

What we have done at PR Performance Lab

We tested 3 different devices used to test hydration. We tested each many many times and compared the results each time. Fast forward to our end results. . .

We found the one, that is both the best consistent and accurate.

What the test is like?

All it takes is a 30 minute run. Come into our gym. We strap on the testing device. You run on our very nice Woodway treadmill for 30 minutes.

Then you get results of what YOUR Body Needs!

It will look very simple, like this:

What you do with those results:

Here is an example of what one runner did. She had been taken 2 sodium tablets a hour, during a marathon. After her test she learned she needed more. Her next marathon - she took 4 sodium tablets each hour. This to the first race she had without cramps and an overall amazing race.

When I asked her why she had been taking 2 tablets, she said, "Because that's what it said on the package." Such a great, normal answer!!

The package does not really know each of our own personal needs.

BUT testing does!


Improve your running, by improving your hydration. Simple - come run 30 minutes on our awesome Woodway treadmill Sweat testing.

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