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Why do blood lactate testing?

Updated: Jun 25

Why do blood lactate testing?

Athletes often perform blood lactate testing to assess their level of fitness and to develop personalized training programs that are tailored to their individual needs. Blood lactate testing involves measuring the amount of lactate in the blood, which can provide information about how efficient the runner is during exercise. The more efficient the faster the runner will reach the finish line.

During exercise, the body produces energy through metabolism, lactate plays a key function in metabolism. The amount of lactate in the blood is an indication of the intensity of exercise, and the body's ability to use the aerobic system.

Blood lactate testing can help athletes determine their lactate profile from exercise onset to threshold, which is

the point at which lactate production exceeds lactate clearance, causing fatigue and decreased performance. By identifying their lactate threshold, athletes can develop more effective training programs that help improve their ability to use oxygen and delay the onset of fatigue.

Blood lactate testing can also be used to assess the effectiveness of different training programs, by tracking changes in lactate threshold over time. This can help athletes fine-tune their training to maximize performance gains.

Overall, blood lactate testing is a valuable tool for athletes who are serious about improving their endurance and performance, and is often used in sports such as cycling, running, and triathlon. However, it should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure accuracy and safety.

What to expect when doing lactate testing..

It is best to test before you start a new training block.

Day of the test, you should not do any workout. Have normal nutrition. It's best to document it, so you can do the same with future tests.

You will come into the lab and get a heart strap on as well as hydration monitor (if testing that as well) . We will do a pre-test. It is just a finger prick blood test.

Then, you start with your normal dynamic pre-run warmup. Then you jog on the treadmill for a light 10-minute warmup. After that, we test your blood again. Then we start the real test. You will run for 4 minute intervals with a quick blood test between increasing interval. You essentially do that until you reach above thershold.

You will do a cool down.

In the next day or two we will send you your test results in an easy to follow chart. You can then send that to your run coach, or use it to adjust your training plan/goals as needed.

* Athletes often test a few times a year. That is where you can find the greatest benefit. This allows you to see how your body is adjusting to the training, how to make tweaks to reach your goals.

What athletes say about lactate testing:

“Lactate testing has helped me dial in my training zones and allowed me to be more efficient in my training. After multiple full distance triathlons and marathons where I overtrain, under train, hit walls and have similar results, I’m able to reach goals I never thought possible. Dayna and PR performance lab are amazing. “

- Ian Gerritsen, Ironman athlete

"Lactate testing has helped me fine tune my training zones to capitalize on performing my best in running! I’m no longer guessing my paces/heart rate zones and I’ve felt I’ve been able to take my training to the next level in order to see the improvement I’ve been hungering for! PR Performance Lab made the experience comfortable, understandable, and helped me go into this feeling confident to give my best! So thrilled with the opportunity to work WITH my body, now!”

- Shanna Birchett, @motherhood_running

"Having my lactate tested has helped me realize my aerobic strengths and anaerobic weaknesses. It has given me knowledge specific to my fitness so I can build It and turn my weaknesses into strengths. Having multiple test results has shown me what is working in my training and where my training can be fine tuned for me."

- Elizabeth Dansie, Ironman athlete

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We do lactate testing a few days a month; so reach out and let us know if you want be be notified our next times. See what we have open now; Click Here.


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