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Why Runners Should Include Strength Training in Their Training Plan

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Why Runners Should Include Strength Training in Their Training Plan

Running is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health, build endurance, and even socialize with other fitness enthusiasts. However, even the most passionate runners hit plateaus or face the dreaded runner's injuries at some point. If you find yourself stuck or want to up your game, adding strength training to your routine could be your ticket to breaking through those barriers.

Here's why.

Boost Your Speed

First and foremost, strength training can have a substantial impact on your running speed. Strength workouts, especially those targeting your lower body and core, can enhance your muscle power, thereby improving your push-off and stride length. In other words, strength training can help you develop the muscle force to move faster and more efficiently.

Injury Prevention

No runner wants to be sidelined by injuries like shin splints, runner's knee, or hip pain. Strength training can be your best friend in preventing these common woes. A well-rounded strength program helps improve muscle balance around critical joints, which in turn stabilizes them, reducing the risk of injury. By focusing on key muscle groups, you're not only running stronger but also smarter.

Efficiency and Endurance

Running economy, or how efficiently you use oxygen while running, can be significantly improved with strength training. Building strength, especially in your core and legs, helps you maintain good form for longer periods. This means you tire less quickly, your strides are more effective, and you can cover longer distances with the same or less effort.

Master the Hills and Terrains

If you've ever struggled with hilly courses or uneven terrains, strength training can be your secret weapon. A stronger lower body helps you power through inclines and declines with less effort, while improved core strength enhances your balance and stability, making it easier to navigate challenging terrains.

Break the Plateau

Finally, if you've reached a point where no matter how much you run, you don't seem to be getting faster or better, it's a classic sign of hitting a performance plateau. Incorporating strength training can offer new stimuli for your muscles, challenging them in different ways, and promoting growth and improvement.

Sounds all good - right?!

But let's talk about why runners often do not strength train.

  1. Finding Time: One of the biggest pain points for runners adding strength training is finding the time to fit it into an already packed running schedule. ⏰

  2. Complexity: With countless exercises & equipment options, the world of strength training can seem overwhelming for runners used to the simplicity of just lacing up & hitting the road. 🤯

  3. Fear of Bulking Up: Many runners worry that strength training will add unwanted bulk, potentially slowing them down. 🏋️‍♀️

  4. Lack of Specificity: Generic strength programs may not target the muscle groups most beneficial for running, leaving runners questioning the effectiveness of their cross-training. 🎯

Dare to Train Differently

Our strength programs takes care of all those down thoughts. Time: our strength programs are from 20-60 minutes 2 times a week. That is all a runner would need to see all those benefits. Complexity: simply hop on the app, push play and follow along. No more brain power needed. Fear of bulking up and Lack of specificity: go hand in hand. If you follow a training plan not developed for runners, yes you may bulk up. When you follow one design specifically for runners, nothing to worry about.


If you're a runner who's been avoiding the weights, it's time to rethink your training strategy. Adding a balanced strength training regimen to your weekly routine can deliver gains that you won't achieve by running alone. Whether it's improving speed, preventing injuries, or conquering the toughest terrains, the benefits of lifting weights extend far beyond just building muscle mass.

So, the next time you're thinking of skipping out on the weights, remember: a stronger runner is a better runner.

Feel free to share your thoughts or your own success stories with strength training in the comments below! 🏃‍♀️💪🏋️‍♂️

Happy Running and Lifting!


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