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Why does Ankle Mobility matter to Runners?

Hey Runners!

Unlocking Performance: The Importance of Ankle Mobility in Running

Ankle mobility plays a crucial role in a runner's performance and injury prevention. In this post, we will delve into the significance of ankle mobility for runners, explore effective testing methods, discuss exercises to improve ankle mobility, and provide supporting research articles to validate the information shared.

The Importance of Ankle Mobility in Running: Optimal ankle mobility allows for proper biomechanics, enhancing running efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries. Research published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine suggests that limited ankle mobility can lead to compensatory movements, altering running mechanics and placing excessive stress on other joints (Willy et al., 2012). Insufficient ankle mobility may contribute to issues such as reduced stride length, increased ground contact time, and decreased power output. This would then impact; over-striding, posture, & bounding in the running gait.

Testing Ankle Mobility: Testing your ankle mobility can provide valuable insights into its range of motion. One commonly used test is the Weight-Bearing lunge test:

Exercises to Improve Ankle Mobility: Implementing exercises to enhance ankle mobility can have a positive impact on your running performance. Here are a few effective exercises:

  • Calf stretches: Perform both straight-leg and bent-leg calf stretches against a wall or step to target different calf muscles. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat multiple times.

  • Ankle circles: Sit on the ground with legs extended. Rotate your ankles clockwise and counterclockwise, focusing on smooth and controlled movements. Perform 10 circles in each direction.

  • Heel-to-toe walks: Practice walking with exaggerated heel-to-toe steps, ensuring proper foot and ankle dorsiflexion during each stride. Perform several sets for a designated distance.

  • Single-leg balance exercises: Stand on one leg, maintaining proper alignment and engaging your core. Gradually increase the duration of each balance hold to challenge ankle stability and mobility.

And for the nerds out there - Research Supporting Ankle Mobility's Role in Running: A study published in the Journal of Athletic Training investigated the effects of ankle dorsiflexion on lower-extremity biomechanics during running and concluded that limited ankle mobility influences running mechanics and increases the risk of overuse injuries (Macrum et al., 2012). Another study in the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation examined the relationship between ankle mobility and running economy, highlighting that improved dorsiflexion range positively impacted running economy in trained female runners (Ferber et al., 2003).

Conclusion: Ankle mobility plays a vital role in running performance and injury prevention. Limited ankle mobility can negatively impact running mechanics and increase the risk of compensatory movements and overuse injuries. By assessing ankle mobility, incorporating targeted exercises, and improving dorsiflexion range, runners can enhance their running efficiency and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Embrace the benefits of improved ankle mobility and unlock your running potential.

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