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3 Key Benefits of Adding Mobility Work to Your Tapering Phase

3 Key Benefits of Adding Mobility Work to Your Tapering Phase

The tapering phase is an important but sometimes perplexing part of your training cycle, especially as you prepare for a big race. You're likely cutting down on mileage, but did you know this is the perfect time to focus on mobility work? Let's explore the three key benefits of integrating mobility exercises into your taper period.

1. Enhanced Recovery and Reduced Muscle Stiffness

You're reducing your running mileage during the taper, but your muscles may still carry the stiffness and soreness from weeks of intense training. Mobility work—like dynamic stretches and foam rolling—can expedite recovery by increasing blood flow to those stiff areas. This helps flush out toxins and facilitate quicker muscle repair, preparing your body for optimal performance on race day.

2. Improved Range of Motion and Efficiency

Mobility exercises aim to improve your joints' range of motion. Why is this crucial? A greater range of motion allows for more efficient movement patterns when you run, reducing the energy cost of each stride. Essentially, better mobility means you're getting more bang for your buck with every step you take, making you a more efficient runner just in time for your race.

3. Reduced Risk of Injury

We all know how devastating an injury can be, especially when you're so close to the race you've been training for. One of the benefits of mobility work is that it enhances joint health and fortifies the connective tissues that often become stress points during running. By adding mobility exercises to your taper, you're essentially bulletproofing your body against the common injuries that can sabotage your race day performance.

Learn more on Taper: here

So, as you're dialing back those miles in preparation for the big day, don't underestimate the power of adding some quality mobility work to your routine. It could very well be the secret sauce that elevates your performance on race day.

Here's to reaching new personal bests!

We have a Mobility Challenge that is great to add to your taper.

Just 5 minutes a day with great results.

Here is what a couple athletes said about the challenge when they added

it to their taper for St George Marathon.

Remember - This is what you have been training so long for! You ARE Race Ready! You Got This!


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