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Unlocking Your Hip Extension for Better Glute Activation while Running

Updated: Mar 26

Push with Your Tush:

Unlocking Your Hip Extension to allow your Glutes to be used for Better Running

Hey there, passionate runners! Let's get into a topic that's crucial for efficiency, speed, and injury prevention in your running journey—activating those all-important glute muscles. If you've been feeling like you're not getting the most out of your glutes while running, you're not alone. It's a common issue, but fear not, because today we're exploring three potential reasons why your glutes might be slacking off and how to get them into gear!

1. The Glute Activation Learning Curve

Believe it or not, many runners have never been taught how to properly use their glutes while running. It's a skill, like any other part of running technique, that requires attention and practice. In our running assessments, we emphasize the importance of glute activation. Knowing how to engage these powerful muscles is the first step toward utilizing them effectively throughout your run. If you're unsure about how to do this, you're not getting the full benefit of your body's natural propulsion system.

2. Strength and Stability: The Foundation of Glute Activation

Another common roadblock is simply not having enough glute strength or stability to engage them properly while running. If your glutes aren't strong enough, they can't provide the power you need to push the ground back efficiently, moving you forward. This lack of strength and stability can lead to overcompensation by other muscles, which might result in injuries or decreased performance. Incorporating targeted glute-strengthening exercises into your routine is essential for building the muscle power necessary for effective running.

3. Hip Flexor/Extension Mobility: Making Room for Glute Engagement

Lastly, limited hip flexor/extension mobility can significantly impact your ability to engage your glutes. If your hip flexors are tight, your stride might be shortened, preventing your leg from extending far enough behind you to allow full glute activation. This limitation can stifle your running efficiency and speed.

To see if this is an issue for you, I've attached a simple test and exercise video below that can help improve your hip flexor mobility and, consequently, your glute engagement.

Engaging Your Glutes: A Test and Exercise

To help you assess your hip flexor mobility and enhance glute activation, I've included a video demonstrating a quick test you can do at home, followed by an effective exercise to improve mobility and get those glutes firing.

Check them out here & here.

By integrating this exercise into your routine, you can work towards achieving the full range of motion necessary for optimal glute engagement during your runs.

Conclusion: Push with Your Tush!

Understanding and overcoming these three common obstacles can significantly improve your running performance. Whether it's learning the proper technique for glute activation, strengthening your glutes, or improving your hip flexor mobility, each step brings you closer to running more efficiently and powerfully. Remember, your glutes are a key player in your running game, so give them the attention they deserve. Let's get those glutes pushing you forward—literally.

Push with your tush, and happy running!


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