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St George Marathon - 16 week training plan (1st 4 weeks+)

Updated: 6 days ago

16 weeks out!

FIRST - Congratulations!!!

You are going to officially join the elite group of approximately 2 million people finish a half marathon annually in the United States.

More fun facts from Getnux: there are 3% more women participants than men running marathons in the U.S.

The average finish time for marathon runners worldwide is 4 hours 32 minutes and 47 seconds.

Average U.S. men is 4:30:46

Average U.S. women is 4:59:36

Most marathon runners take 16-20 weeks to prepare for their race.

  • 85% use GPS watches to track training progress

  • 73% incorporate strength training into their routine

  • 61 % run with a partner

  • 15 .6 % enter as part of relay teams

  • 66 % pursue personal records when they participate in races

These facts show that not only is the sport popular but also that it has become increasingly competitive over recent years due to its growing number of dedicated athletes who strive towards achieving personal bests each year.

Let's Go!

Step 1:

Get your shoes & other gear ready. (no cotton socks, hydration, etc.)

Follow St George Running Store, they always have great advice.

Get your friends to join you!

Or join meet up with the Running Group - click link below

Step 2:

Find a great 3 mile course - do a "race" on that course. Record all your data: pace, heart rate, how you felt. More details on 30 minute time trial here. (Be ready to see improve over the next 16-weeks!)

You may want to do *Lactate testing with PR Performance Lab, that will help you know your exact zones. More on that here.

Step 3:

Print the calendar - post were you can see it daily. Mark off each day to you. Make notes have how each run feels! If you have a watch -program the trainings into the watch.

Step 4:

Know this is a guideline - you do have not to follow it exact. If you like long runs on Sundays - do it. If you like Speed work on Mondays, do it.

You can move things around to make it all fit in your life!

Step 5:

Know that PR Performance Lab is here for you!

If you want more personalized plan - book a 30 minute call

Need help with strength - join our 12-week strength & mobility program

Need help with an injury - Running Assessment in person or virtual

Want to increase your performance - Running Assessment in person or virtual

Lactate testing and Hydration testing - here

All the things!

Click here to join together in support each other there the training!

12-9 weeks out - 4:30 & 3:35

Looking for other paces?

(3:05, 3:15, 4:00, 4:15, 4:45 & 5:00)

You can find them HERE.

St George Marathon 430
Download PDF • 363KB

St George Marathon 335
Download PDF • 330KB

Save this page and come back often - as I get questions I will be posting them here to help everyone continue to learn from each other!

Need help with the strength training? We got you covered: Click picture

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